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We love when people join our family and we absolutely love when we get to serve with them. After taking our DNA classes where you learn more about what makes us who we are, you can connect with a ministry to begin serving in.

To sign-up for our next DNA class, contact us here.

Security Guard

Security (Watchmen)

Are you friendly and want to help ensure that everyone feels safe and secure? Then this ministry is for you.


Sound Ministry

If you have an ear for crisp sound and love contributing with this gift then check out sound ministry.

Join Sound Ministry


Creative Arts

Do you love graphic designs and creating beautiful visuals? This ministry is for you and we'd love to hear from you.



Keeping our facilities clean and comfortable are our top priority. Find out more by contacting us.



Praying and covering the needs of our city, our church family and so much more are what makes up this wonderful ministry.


Activ8 Kids

We believe that our children are our future leaders. If you want to invest in the next generation then this is for you.

Graphic Designer Desk


From lyrics on the screen to handling sound and lights, our production team sets up the atmosphere for all of our services.

Host & Greeting

Warm welcomes, bright smiles and enthusiasm go a long way with welcoming our first time visitors and recurring members!

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